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How to Manage Employees with Multi Work Locations?
How to Manage Employees with Multi Work Locations?

This article is suitable for companies with multiple locations or stores. How to manage employees' multiple and variable work locations?

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If you have a store but employees do not have fixed working places, like you have staffs in charge of carrying out daily store inspections. In this case, you need to know whether they are on their positions each day. Workstem has following recommend methods suggest to you.

If your company has multiple locations/stores, and the employee's work location is not fixed, for example, some employees need to have store inspections, and the company needs to record whether the employee actually works in the store. Workstem has the following recommended methods.

  • If total amount of work locations is less than or equal to 5, you can add all location information into the system. Detailed info please refer to Add Work Location.

  • If work locations are flexible and more than 5, Workstem has following suggestions.

1. This kind of employees have non-fixed work locations such as store inspectors or supervisors. They generally do not necessarily need to clock in/out, but are only asked to report. It is recommended for these employees to submit timesheet while it is also suggested to clock in/out in field work for check.

2. If this kind of employees are needed in various work locations for special reasons, they are recommended to use QR code, Bluetooth or Facial Recognition to clock in/out.

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