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How to Check the Employee's Daily Attendance Details?
How to Check the Employee's Daily Attendance Details?

How does the HR/supervisor check the employee's daily attendance after the employee clocks in and out?

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After the employee clocks in and out, the system calculates the attendance hours per day based on the employee's shift. HR/supervisors can view the employees' daily attendance details in the attendance module of the Web Workstem.

The steps are as follows:

step 1:

HR/Supervisor logs in to the Web Workstem and opens [Attendance] > [Overview]. By default, the interface will display 10 records per page, showing the total attendance of all employees in the current month, including the number of scheduled hours, Hours worked, and overtime,etc..

Step 2:

If you want to view the attendance of an employee, you can quickly view it in the following two ways:

  1. Enter the employee’s name in the search box upper left corner and press [Enter] to quickly find the employee

2. Click the "Filter" button in the upper left corner, enter the employee's name in the "Employee" column, and press [Confirm] to quickly find the employee


If you want to check all the staff's attendance data of a certain department or a certain position, you only need to enter the corresponding name in the [Department] or [Position] column and press [OK].

Step 3:

Select the employee's record and double-click or click the [View] button to open the attendance details. Here you can see the employee's daily attendance details for the current month, including actual clock-in and clock-out time, status, attendance hours, and hours worked, and overtime.

Step 4:

If you want to see the actual clock-in status or timesheet details on a certain day, you can select the record up to that day and press the [View Records] button.

On the pop-up page, you can see all the employee's attendance status (normal/late/early leave/field work), clock-in time, clock-in method, check-in location, and timesheet of the day.


The system automatically counts attendance data every day and the default display of the working hours from the first day of the month to yesterday. If you want to view the employee's attendance data for today, you need to click [Calculate] in the upper right corner of the Overview page. In the range (start and end), please select the day's date for processing.

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