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[Supervisor] How to Check the Daily Attendance of Employees using Workstem One App?
[Supervisor] How to Check the Daily Attendance of Employees using Workstem One App?

Even if your computer is not around, you can check employees' shifts and attendance records through the Workstem One App anytime, anywhere.

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If you want to view the employee's clock-in details

In the Workstem One App [Home] > [Attendance], you can see the clock-in status of employees who have been scheduled for the day. If the employee has clocked in on that day, the actual clocking time will be displayed under the name.

Note ⚠️: For employees who are not scheduled, the system considers that they do not need to work, so their names and attendance won't be displayed in [Attendance Overview]. If you do not see the name of a subordinate employee here, it means that the employee does not have to go to work on that day.

Click on the employee name and you can see the employee's attendance details of the day, including the shift, clock-in/out record, and timesheet record of the day.

The clock in/out record includes:

  • Clock in and out time

  • Clock-in method

  • Clock-in location (if the attendance status is fieldwork, the clock-in location will be displayed)

  • Attendance status (normal/late/leave early/field work)

If you want to check the attendance of the previous dates, you can pull down the calendar, select the month and date you want to view, and then you can view the attendance data of the specified date.

Note: If there are many employees, you can use the [Filter] function in the upper right corner of the page to select the corresponding department and clock-in location to quickly find out the attendance data of an employee for that day.

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