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Workstem: One-stop Human Resources Management System
Workstem: One-stop Human Resources Management System

Welcome to Workstem! Here we will quickly go through the major benefits and powerful features of Workstem.

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Welcome to Workstem! 🎉

Here are some important information for you to quickly understand what Workstem can do for you.

Unlike traditional software companies, Workstem is an HR cloud platform. That means you are not limited by your computer hardware, you don't need to install anything on your computer, and you don't have to buy any licenses! You can install and start using anywhere, anytime with just your website browser!

Workstem helps you automate your HR processes online — from daily time tracking to attendance data processing including leave management. All these data are then used to calculate the monthly payroll and yearly tax reporting. We help you save time and increase work efficiency.

We Provide 2 Main Tools For You: Web System and Workstem One App

1. Web System

(Workstem Web System Interface)

2. Workstem One App

Manager, HR Manager, or Supervisor Workstem one App interface

(Employee Workstem one App interface)

Workstem Web System and Workstem One App Main Users:

1. For Business Owners, Managers, and HR Managers

  • Need to manage all the company's employees

  • Use the Web system as the main tool and Workstem One App as the supplementary tool

2. Managers / Supervisors

  • Need to manage their subordinates, schedule their shift, approve their working hours or leave application

  • Use Workstem One App as the main tool

3. Staff

  • Need to check shift schedules, clock in/out, and apply for leaves or working hours

  • Use Workstem One App as the main tool

Workstem System Major Features Overview

1. Company

  • Manage Company basic information

  • Manage work location, and clock in/out method

  • Manage company department, position, employee's responsibility, etc.

2. People

  • Manage employees' basic information, employment information, etc.

  • Manage employees' changes in employment information and payroll

  • Customize employee-relevant notes. E.g. Skills, Experience, Certificate, etc.

3. Scheduling system

  • Schedule shifts on either the Web System or Workstem One App 

  • Shift calendar with enriched information for overviewing, scheduling

  • Supports multiple locations / multiple shifts in one day as well as overnight shifts

  • Efficient scheduling in bulk

  • Supports export/import of shift schedules, and allows users to schedule in multiple methods and calendar views.

4. Time and Attendance Management

  • Support QR code, Bluetooth, GPS location, Face recognition clock in/out

  • A straightforward presentation of all attendance records and details, Late/Early leave/Absence.

  • The customized approval process for working hours, leave, and fieldwork

  • Allow import/export attendance record, and check all attendance data in real-time

  • Analytical report for scheduling cost, and working hours, to reflect cost-efficient.

5. Leave Management

  • System built-in with government public holidays (bank holidays) and statutory holidays

  • Automatically generate leave entitlements and calculate leave balances

  • Customisable leave types and entitlement generation formulas

  • Efficient leave application for employee using the Workstem One App

  • Efficient leave approval process for supervisor using the Workstem One App

  • Customized leave approval workflow

6. Payroll Management

  • Supports hourly and monthly salary types and many kinds of pay cycles (weekly, monthly, biweekly, etc.)

  • Supports pro-rata salary calculation based on join/resignation date and leaves

  • Supports Average Daily Wage (ADW) tracking and ADW calculation in pay items

  • Customisable formulas for complex pay items

  • Automatically calculate MPF contribution amount of both employer and employee

  • One-click export of tax reports (IR56B, IR56F, IR56E, IR56G)

You should have a basic understanding of Workstem by now. You are ready to do some basic setup!

We hope you have a wonderful time using Workstem!

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