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[Supervisor] Check Employee Rostering on Workstem One App
[Supervisor] Check Employee Rostering on Workstem One App

Quickly check different employee's working location and time.

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Quickly Check Employee Shifts 🚀

For day-to-day management, you may need to check:

  1. Which of my direct subordinate needs to work?

  2. What are their working time and locations?

Check Which of Your Direct Subordinate Needs to Work

Step 1

Open Workstem One App and go to "Attendance". By default, you will see the date today and which employees are supposed to work (have shifts assigned to them).

The employee list you see will depend on your role:

  • If you're an admin / HR user, you can see all employees

  • If you're a supervisor, you can only see your direct subordinates

Check Which Employee Needs to Work in a Specific Location

Using the filter button on the top right corner, you can filter the employee list based on position, department, and working location.

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