At present, Workstem Staff App and Workstem Supervisor App will be deactivated soon. Please switch to Workstem One App as soon as possible. Workstem One App can be used by both supervisors and employees (Functions of supervisors and employees are divided according to authority) with more functions and convenient experience, please feel free to use.

With the Workstem One App:

  • As a system administrator (Boss / HR), you can quickly manage all employees in the company

  • As a supervisor / manager, you can quickly manage the request of subordinates, approving their expense claims, leave apply, and timesheets.

  • As an employee, you can check the roster arranged by the supervisors, allow colleagues to view your shift schedule through privacy settings and swap shift between them.

Workstem One App Management Functions:

  1. Leave Approval, Timesheet Approval and Field Work Approval

  2. Scheduling and attendance

  3. authorizing other supervisors to schedule shifts for subordinates

  4. Add and edit Bluetooth beacons

Workstem One App Main Features Guide


After successfully logging in, you will see 5 tabs in the bottom menu: Home, Remind, Calendar, Colleague, and More. By default, the app will open to "Home" and you can quickly check the following:

  1. Daily use functions: Clock-in, Timesheet, Apply for Leave, Leave Balance, The recent salary, Salary records, Taxation Reports

  2. Management functions: Leave Approval, Timesheet Approval, Roster, Field Work Approval, Bluetooth Device, Attendance, Approve Expense Claims Application

  3. Additional Features: Reminders, Calendar, Colleagues, More

    Note: The main page functions of supervisors and employees on the App are different. Employees can use [daily use functions] and [other functions], while supervisors can use [management functions].

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