Staff App Features Overview

  1. Check your shifts (date, time, location, etc.)
  2. Clock in/out
  3. Check attendance status (clock in/out records & late/absent/early leave status)
  4. Check leave balances and apply for leaves
  5. Apply for timesheets (overtime & compensatory)
  6. Check payslip
  7. Supports 3 languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese)

Staff App Main Features Guide


Every time you log in to the app, you will be brought to the homepage by default. The features here include:

  1. Apply for leaves
  2. Check leave balances
  3. Check shift details (tap into a shift to clock in/out)

[Apply] – After tapping the [Apply] button, you will see a leave application form allowing you to apply for leaves. You can fill in the leave type, dates, reason, upload an attachment, and even add the managers/supervisors who should approve your request.

[Balance] — You can see which leaves you can apply for as well as check your leave balances for each leave type.

[Shifts] – When you click into each shift, you can check that day's shift details and also clock in/out for the day. On the top right corner, you will see a "scanner" icon that will allow you to scan the QR codes of supervisors/managers as a clock in/out method.

Shift Table

You can check your shifts using the calendar view or the list view.

Calendar View:

  1. You can tap on the dates on the calendar to see the shifts for that day.
  2. Aside from shifts, you can also see the timesheets as well as leave days on the shift table.
  3. There are 3 different colours to remind you of the attendance status of each day. 
  4. You can apply for an Overtime / Compensatory timesheet by tapping on the [+Timesheet]

Note ⚠️
If you want to quickly check the shift table in other time periods, just swipe your fingers left/right across the calendar. You can also tap on the [Month] on top of the page to quickly jump to a different month.

List View:

By default, it will display the same month as the one selected in "Calendar View". This view will display all the shifts, timesheets, and leave days in a list format. You can tap into each shift to see more details.


Inside the "More" tab, you can do the following: 

  • Edit user information: update your profile photo and phone number
  • Check your leave application records
  • Check your timesheet application records
  • Check your payslip
  • Update your login password
  • Change app language (Supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese)

Note ⚠️

Question: You log in to the app for the first time and cannot see anything inside?

Don't worry! That is normal. You will only see shifts/leave balances if your supervisor/manager or HR has done the setup for you. Now, the next thing to do is inform your supervisor/manager or HR that you have successfully logged in and ask them to please help you set up the relevant shifts and leave policies for you! 😉

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