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[Supervisor] Workstem One App Authorisation Management Setup Guide
[Supervisor] Workstem One App Authorisation Management Setup Guide

"Authorisation Management" allows other colleagues to help you out when you're not available.

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In the day-to-day management of your employees, have you ever encountered the following problems:

  1. In one of your retail stores, there are multiple supervisors assisting the main store manager in the day-to-day tasks. How can these supervisors see all employee information of this store and schedule shifts for them right inside the app?

  2. The store manager is on leave. Another colleague needs to temporarily support this supervisor for attendance management, shift scheduling, and QR clock-in/out management?

The above situations can be solved through our [Authorisation Management] feature. The manager can authorise one or more colleagues, and the authorised colleagues can see all the subordinate information of this manager.

For example, there are many supervisors aside from this manager, but the manager is taking a leave on that day. In this case, the manager can temporarily authorise another supervisor on workstem one app, so that the supervisor can check the manager’s subordinate's attendance records as well as arrange shifts for them.

Tips ⚠️:

  • Authorisation will not change the relationship between supervisors and subordinates, nor will it change the approval process for leave and timesheet requests.

  • The authorisations can be revoked at any time.

  • After authorisation, the authorised person will use his own account to log in to the Workstem One App , he will not obtain any personal account information of the authoriser, thus protecting the privacy of the authoriser.

How to Authorise Other Colleagues?

Step 1

Log in to Workstem One App and go to [More] > [Authorisation Management]

Step 2

Under [Sent], click [Add Authorisation] below

Step 3

Click [Add], select a colleague (you can also select multiple colleagues), click [Confirm], and then click [Send Invite]

After completing the above actions, you can remind the authorised user to accept the authorisation.

Authorised Person Accepting Authorisation

Step 1

Log in to Workstem One App and go to [More] > [Authorisation Management]

Step 2

In Authorisation [Received], you will be able to see any pending authorisation items, click ✅ to accept the authorisation and ❌ to reject the authorisation.

After the authorised person clicks ✅, the entire authorisation process will be complete!

The authorised person can see all the subordinate information of the authoriser. You can view attendance and do shifts scheduling.

Withdrawal of Authorisation Issued

If you need to withdraw/revoke any confirmed authorisation item, simply click on the 🗑️ icon in the list of Authorisation [Sent] to remove it.

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