Before you start asking your employees to regularly clock in/out, you can first test the QR code clock in/out function according to the following steps:

  1. Generate QR Code on the Supervisor App

  2. Scan the QR Code using Staff App to test clock in/out function

  3. Train supervisors and employees, and start to use

Step 1

Open Workstem Supervisor App, press [QR Code]. It will create a QR Code for clock-in by default. You need to press [Clock Out] if you want the QR Code for clock out and it will generate new QR Code.

Note ⚠️

  1. The QR code is dynamic and it will automatically refresh every minute

  2. Only users with supervisor access can generate QR codes.

  3. A user has supervisor access only when he/she has any direct reports. This is set under "Staff Information".

Step 2

Open the Workstem Staff App, choose today on the home page. Tap on the upper right "Scan" icon and scan the QR code generated by the Supervisor App. If you set up everything correctly, it will show "Success" and you can see the clock in/out record with "QR Code" status.

Step 3

After you test successfully for the first time, you can start training your supervisors and staff to use it, and officially start using the QR Code clock in/out. We have prepared two articles to help your staff training.

Daily Maintenance Tips ⚠️

Scenario 1: You can put a tablet at the entrance or front desk of your office/work location for daily QR Code clock in/out. To protect the privacy of the supervisor, if they don't want to use their personal accounts on the tablet, the HR can create another account without any sensitive employee details and set it as the direct supervisor of the manager.

By doing this, you can protect the privacy of the supervisor/manager while allowing employees to clock in/out on a public tablet.

Scenario 2: What if the supervisor who is responsible for generating QR Code is not available or taking a day off?

You can use [Authorisation Management] feature to give authorisation to a specific employee temporarily. This employee can generate QR Code for clock in/out. The supervisor can withdraw the authorisation when he comes back.

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