To make sure your staff can clock in/out on their smartphones successfully, we suggest you to set up according to the following procedure:

  1. Check if you have added Working Locations

  2. Set Attendance Rules for the working location

  3. Assign Working Location to your employees' profiles

  4. Test Clock In/Out by yourself and confirm that it is successful

  5. Instruct your staff how to clock in/out on their smartphones

Step 1

Check your Work Locations — make sure you have added all working locations. If you have not finished this step, please refer to this guide: How to Add Work Location

Step 2

Set up the Attendance Rules for every Working Location.

Step 3

Assign the working location to your staff. There are two ways:
1. If the employee only has one fixed working location, you can set the clock in/out location in staff information.

Under People > Select Employee > Employment & Payroll Information > Click [Change], and then add the Working Location for the staff

2. If the employee works in many different locations, we recommend you to use our "Scheduling" feature to assign working locations based on shifts.

Under "Schedule" > Schedule > Select employee > Add a new shift and assign the working location. You can create multiple shifts in one day with different locations per shift.

Note ⚠️

The Working Location assigned in a shift has a higher priority than the location assigned in employees' profiles.

For Example:

Employee A usually works in Location #1 (The work location assigned to the staff in Employee Profiles.). One day he is arranged to work in Location #2 (The work location assigned to his/her shift in Schedule.) In this scenario, only when the employee clocked in/out from Location #2 will his/her attendance be recorded as valid and be included in attendance calculation.

Step 4

Test Clock In/Out Function

Login in to the Workstem One App> Choose the date to clock in/out > Tap [Clock In] or [Clock Out] > Check the clock in/out status

Note ⚠️

When you use the App for the first time, there will be a popup asking you to authorise Workstem to use your location for attendance tracking purposes, choose "Allow While Using App".

If you authorised Workstem already, the GPS icon will light up in green when you tap the horizontal line " —— " below.

If you successfully clocked in/out, the record will show "GPS" on the upper right hand corner.

If you see "Out of Range" and a map pops up, that means your current location does not match with your assigned working location. If you are indeed in the assigned working location and the notice still pops up, you may need to adjust and expand the GPS range for that Working Location.

You can add a note and continue by pressing [Clock In/Out], notice that you will see a "Success" tip but this record will be marked as "Field Work" and will not be included in attendance calculations.

Note ⚠️

"Field Work" also means the system will not consider this record as valid for attendance purposes:

  • System will not include "Field Work" records in the calculation for total working hours.

  • There will be no Attendance Status for "Field Work" records such as Late / Early Leave / Absent.

Step 5

After you successfully tested yourself, you can then train your staff to clock in/out using GPS.

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