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How to Obtain Employees' GPS Location
How to Obtain Employees' GPS Location

How to view employees' actual clock in/out location when they conduct field work?

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Did you find there are strings of numbers below GPS when you are checking attendance data and the status shows they are doing field work?

This is because the employee did not clock in within the set range, so Workstem obtained his/her GPS information as they clock in/out.

This blog is going to teach you how to get their actual GPS location through these digital numbers

Open Google maps, copy and paste the longitude and latitude information into the search box from the employee's clock-in record.

Then you are able to see his/her actual clock in location on Google map.


The record of field work are not valid in attendance data, that is, the working hours will not be counted. In this case, supervisor should double check with the employee and add the timesheet to make up the actual working hours when necessary.

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