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[Employee] How to Use Workstem One App to Check Shifts and Clock In/Out?
[Employee] How to Use Workstem One App to Check Shifts and Clock In/Out?

Employees can easily check their shifts and clock in/out using the Workstem One App.

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Clock In/Out

This article will tell you:

  1. How to clock in/out

  2. How to delete incorrect clock-in/out record

  3. How to look up your clock-in/out record

1. How to clock in/out

Give access to Workstem One App on your mobile phone

If you use GPS to clock in/out

When you use the App for the first time, there will be a popup asking you to authorize Workstem to use your location for attendance tracking purposes, choose "Allow While Using App".

If you use Bluetooth to clock in/out

When you use the App for the first time, there will be a popup asking "'Workstem One App' Would Like to Use Bluetooth", choose "OK".

Tap on the bottom blue section in the clock in/out page and you will see icons for Bluetooth and GPS. The icons will light up in green if you granted the necessary permissions to the app.

If you use QR Code to clock in/out

When you use the app to scan QR codes for the first time, it will remind you to allow Workstem One App to use camera, choose "OK".

Start to clock in/out

Once you confirmed that you've given all the necessary permission, you can start to clock in/out.

In the home page > click on clock in:

  1. Click [Clock-in] if you want to clock in

  2. Click [Clock-out] if you want to clock out

  3. If your company uses QR Code to clock in/out, you just need to click the scan icon on the upper right corner and scan the dynamic QR code generated by the supervisor.

⚠️ Before clocking in, make sure your supervisor schedules the shift for you. In the absence of shifts, clock-in data is invalid, attendance will not be recorded, and also working hours cannot be recorded.

After successfully clocking in/out, you can see the record immediately, including:

  • Clock in/out time: date and time

  • Clock in/out type: clock in or clock out

  • Clock in/out method: Bluetooth, GPS, QR Code or Field Work

  • Clock in/out location: the detailed clock in/out location will show if you clock in/out with "field work"

  • Attendance status: Status (and a red dot 🔴 ) will show up if you are "late" or "early leave"

Notice⚠️ :

If "Out of Range" pops up when you clock in/out but in the right location, and you jump to the [Fieldwork] interface, you need to check the settings according to the page prompts


  • If the company uses GPS, administrators need to check clock in/out location settings

  • If the company uses Bluetooth, administrators need to check the Bluetooth device settings

  • If the Bluetooth device has been successfully connected, the administrator needs to check whether the Major, Minor, and device ID in the [Device] are filled incorrectly.

How to deal with it if I clock-in wrongly?

If you accidentally press [Clock-out] when you suppose to clock-in at work, you only need to press [Clock-in] again. The wrong check-in data cannot be deleted, nor will it affect the statistical attendance results

How to deal with clock-in/out forgetting or clock-in/out failure?

If you really went to work but forgot to clock in/out, you can apply make up for the time by applying for a [Timesheet]. The missing attendance record will be added as soon as your supervisor approved your request. More details refer to [Employee] How to Submit An Overtime / Compensatory Timesheet Request?

3. How to check your clock-in/out record

If you want to look up your clock in/out record for the day, go to the home page > click on the clock-in, then you can see all clock in/out records of the day.

If you want to look up clock in/out historical records, go to [Calendar] > [List]. Tap on any shift to see the details for the day.

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