View all clock data

If you want to view all the employee's clock data on the web, you can open [Attendance] > [Attendance Data], this interface will display all the clock record and will display 10 records per page by default.

The data page will display:

  1. Employee information: Name, Staff ID, Department

  2. Attendance time: The employee’s actual clock-in/out time, (can sort and view according to attendance time)

  3. Attendance type: clock in or clock out

  4. Clock-in method information:

  • GPS: If the location set in the system is identified, the name of the Location will be displayed, otherwise the longitude and latitude information of the clock-in location will be displayed.

  • Bluetooth: The name of the Bluetooth device will be displayed

  • QR Code: The source of the QR Code (supervisor name) will be displayed

5. Clock-in status: Normal/late/early leave/field work

View all the unusual attendance records

If you want to view the employee’s unusual attendance records, you can click the [Unusual Attendance Record] button on the [Attendance Data] page to quickly display all the clock data for late or early leave.

View the clock record of an employee

If you want to view the clock record of an employee, you can enter the employee's name or staff ID in the [search bar] in the upper left corner and press the [Enter] to view all the employee's clock-in data.

View the clock record of specified conditions

If you want to view a certain type of clock record, you can press the button in the upper left corner, enter the clock-in time, department, position, name, employment type, salary type, attendance status, or tag in the pop-up filter interface and press [OK] to view the corresponding clock record.

Edit Attendance Data

After viewing a certain type of attendance data, you can press the [Edit] button in the far right and to turn on or off the [Valid] button in the pop-up Editing-Attendance Data interface, then [Save].

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