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How to Check and Adjust Employee Attendance Data
How to Check and Adjust Employee Attendance Data

After consistently clocking in and out, Workstem will be able to help you calculate total working hours.

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After employee consistently clocked in/out in their daily work, Workstem will be able to correct the calculation of attendance data of your employees. Our system also supports inputting attendance data manually:

  • Adjust clock in/out data

  • Input working hours manually

Look Up Attendance Data

Go to [Attendance –> Overview] page, look up "Hours Worked" and "Working Day Overtime" of all company staff.

Double click on each row or click on the [View] button to check the detailed records of each employees.

Workstem automatically calculates the working hours once everyday. By default, it will include the working hours month-to-date (MTD). If you want to include today's records into the calculation or change the time range and recalculate again, simply click on the [Calculate] button on the upper right hand corner and you will see the data immediately.

Editing Attendance Data

Attendance data can be edited in employee's attendance data details page. You can click [Edit] to adjust the final working hours and click [Save] (Note: Need to input by person by day.)

Notice ⚠️

Attendance data also includes approved timesheets into the working hours calculation. For scenarios where you need to keep proper work records, you can input working hours into system by adding a timesheet. Otherwise, you can just edit working hours directly.

Export Attendance Data

There are two ways to export attendance data:

  1. [Attendance –> Overview]: you can download all employees' working hours data calculated by day or by hour

  2. Staff attendance data details page: you can download individual employee's attendance data for a specific time period.

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