Step 1

Log in to the Workstem One App, click on the [Timesheet Approval] on the homepage.

Step 2

Click into the timesheets waiting for approval and check the details page. You can also add comments.

If there are many pending timesheet requests, you can use [Bulk Approve] to finish all approvals in one go.

Tip ⚠️:

The [Bulk Approval] page only shows a quick overview of the timesheet requests without the details.

Quick Explanation of Other Functions:

  1. Check Workflow: You can check the approval status of a specific timesheet (e.g. If there are other approvers of the timesheet request, you can see their response and and notes).

  2. Check Shift*: You can look up the related shift and clock-in/out information on the date of that timesheet request. If it's an OT timesheet, you can check the actual shift and clock-in/out information of the employee on that day for verification purposes.

  3. Comments: You can add your comments on the timesheet here (e.g. approval reason, notes, or suggestions). You can add multiple comments but those comments cannot be deleted. Both the employee who applied for that timesheet and other approvers will be able to see your comment.

  4. Other Timesheets: You can check if the employee also submitted other timesheet requests for that day.

  5. Screening Timesheet: If you want to quickly filter based on type and status of the timesheet, you can tap on the [Filter] button on the upper right hand corner. You can also clear the filters by clicking on the [Reset] button.

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