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Attendance Module Overview
Attendance Module Overview

How does Workstem help you gather all your attendance data, process them, and finally use this data for automated payroll calculation?

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The ultimate goal of Workstem Attendance Module is to help you automate the entire process of attendance data collection, processing, and using this data to do a seamless payroll calculation. You can achieve this automation with Workstem's powerful features as described below:

Collecting Attendance Data

1. Mobile App Clock In/Out

  • Track employee clock in/out data, working location, and other relevant attendance data

  • Supports complex and customisable attendance rules per location — set how working hours are calculated based on these rules

2. Timesheet Management

  • For scenarios not requiring clock in/out data, track employee working hours with timesheet requests

  • For scenarios without clock in/out data (business trip, clock in/out failure, etc.), compensate hours worked with timesheet requests

  • Supports calculating normal and overtime working hours separately for more accurate payroll calculation

Processing Attendance Data

1. Processing Attendance Data

  • Automatically determine employee attendance status (Absent / Early Leave / Absent Minutes)

  • Real-time employee clock in/out status on supervisor app

  • Reel-time employee Leave Records of The Day (End Time / Start Time / Leave Type/Leave Duration/Status)

  • Monthly working hours reporting by day/month

  • Support manual adjustment and add work time related data

  • Detailed check-in/out records

  • Attendance data can be exported to excel

2. Calculating Payroll

  • Automatically calculate payroll based on hourly wage and total hours worked for hourly employees

  • Automatically calculate overtime pay based on overtime hours and standard hourly wage

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