When checking the attendance records of your employees, you might find some having "Absent" statuses as well as 0 calculated total working hours. You will wonder why that is the case even when the employees have clock in/out records.

This guide will explain all the reasons why that might happen.

1. Invalid Clock In/Out Records Due to Location

Possible reasons why:

  1. You didn't assign a working location to the employee.

  2. Employees are not within the GPS perimeter so our app will treat that as a "Field Work" record

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In the above scenarios, employee's attendance will be identified as "Field Work" by the system.

How to check if there are any [Field Work] attendance records:

Method 1: Employees log into the Staff App and check if there's any [Field Work] status on his/her clock-in/out records.

Method 2: Supervisors log into the Supervisor App and check if there's any [Field Work] status on employees' clock in/out records.

Method 3: HR checks it in the web portal

Step 1

Go to [Attendance] > [Overview], select an employee

Step 2

Find the days with "Absent" status, click [View Records]

Step 3

Check if the clock in/out status is "Field Work" under the clock-in/out column

To avoid field work caused by location problem, you can refer to this article

2. Invalid Clock In/Out Records Due to Time

Possible reasons why:

  1. The employee clocked in but forgot to clock out or vice versa.

  2. Employee clocked in before the [Clock In Open Time].

  3. Employee clocked out after [Clock Out Close time].

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How to check if an invalid clock in/out is due to time?

After you confirm that there's no "field work" in employee's clock in/out records, you can go into the web portal and check.

Step 1

Go to [Attendance] > [Overview], select an employee and click on [View].

Step 2 - Scenario 1: Clocked in but forgot to clock out or vice versa.

Find the days with "Absent" status and check if there's only 1 record and missing the other one.

Step 2 - Employee clocked in before the [Clock In Open Time] or clocked out after the [Clock Out Close Time]

Once you confirm that there are both clock in and clock out records, go to [Company] > [Location] > Edit > [Attendance Rules], check if the employee clocked in/out within the valid time range

After confirming the above scenarios, here are some solutions for you to achieve the correct attendance calculation (total working hours).

3. Clock in/out without Rostering

Most users do not know the connection between clock in/out and attendance data when they first use the system, resulting in that employees clock in/out in the App.

⚠️ Clock in/out records do not mean the system can calculate employees' attendance.

The calculation of attendance data is based on the shifts that you schedule for employees in the system and their clock in/out time. If employees do not have shifts, the system cannot know:

  1. Clock in time

  2. Clock out time

  3. Location to work in

Therefore, clock in/out records are invalid without scheduled shifts.


Solution 1: Manually Adjust Working Hours

In the attendance details page, you can adjust working hours manually.

Solution 2: Compensate for Working Hours by Applying for a Timesheet

  • [Staff App] Employees can request to compensate for working hours via a timesheet application.

  • [Web] HR helps employees add a timesheet on the web.

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