Note: Work locations are also clock in/out locations.

Why Do You Need to Add Work Locations?

1. For a better shift scheduling and clock in/out experience

  • Clocking in/out using GPS method requires you to add "Work Locations" under "Company"

  • If you're using Bluetooth clock in/out method, you can restrict which locations those Bluetooth beacons can be used at

2. For an easier time managing employees and processing data

  • When you are completing employees' profiles and want to add their work locations, you need to first add the locations here so that you can quickly choose from the dropdown list.

  • When doing your day-to-day operations (checking shifts, attendance data, leave, payroll, etc.), you can always filter by work location.

  • When doing bulk settings like scheduling shifts and exporting reports, you can filter by work location to quickly filter out the desired data for processing.

If you do not have multiple office locations nor the need to use scheduling and clock in/out functions, then you don't have to set up "Work Locations".

How to Add Work Locations?

Step 1

Under "Company > Location", click "+New"

Step 2

Fill in the "Address Display Name" (required) and "Code" (optional) and then click on "Choose location" 

Step 3

In the red box, just type in your address and then Google Maps will help you pin the location and automatically fill in "Full Address" and "GPS Location".

Step 4

In "GPS Clock-in Perimeter", system's default setting is 500 meters. You can also adjust it according to your company's needs.

Note ⚠️ : 

For certain work locations that occupy a big land area, GPS positioning on the map might be a little off and cause clock in/out to fail. To increase your employees' clock in/out success rate, we recommend setting the perimeter to 500 meters. 

Step 5

Click on "OK" and then "Save" to add your new work location.

If your company has multiple work locations, you can add them all here.

Note ⚠️ :

Workstem supports customised attendance rules for each work location. If you need to customise those attendance rules, please refer to this guide: Attendance Rules.

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