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As we know, the supervisor needs to schedule before employees clock in/out, but some employees have fixed locations and fixed working hours (9:00 to 18:00) every day. Is there any simple method that employees can calculate attendance normally without scheduling?

For employees who work at a fixed time and location, the system provides a default shift template. In this way, the system will calculate attendance data according to employees' clock in/out without scheduling, just follow the below 3 steps.

  1. Create new shift template

  2. Set the default shift template for the office location

  3. Set employee's office clock in/out location

Step 1

On the [Shift Template] interface, click [Add], enter [Name], [Start Time], [End Time], [Deduct Meal Break (Minutes) and [Save]

Step 2

On the [Location] page, find the clocking location that needs to set the default shift template and double-click to open it. Under the [Attendance Rules] tab, find [Select the default shift template to use to calculate attendance for workdays with no shift arrangement] drop-down and select the corresponding shift template, click [Save]

Step 3

In the [Employment and Payroll Information] of the staff information, click [Change] to set the employee's office clock-in location.

After completing the above steps, the employee can log in to the Workstem One App to clock in/out and calculate attendance according to the set default shift template.

Note ⚠️:

If the supervisor assigns other shifts for the employee, the system will calculate attendance according to the schedule that the supervisor assigned. The system will only calculate attendance according to the default shift when there are no other shifts assigned.

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