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What is the Diffreences between Schedule and Schedule Pro
What is the Diffreences between Schedule and Schedule Pro

Workstem provides a powerful scheduling function, which can adapt to different shift modes, come and try.

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Scheduling Function Overview

  • Workstem can support different business requirements in Schedule

    • Need to assign employees to work in different workplaces and work at different times.

    • The same employee needs to shift in different workplaces on the same day.

    • Need several employees to shift at different times in the same workplace.

    • Need overnight shifts.

    • To arrange employees to work according to project time and progress.

    • To support the arrangement of lunchtime.

  • In internal communication, it can support:

    • The arrange and post of schedule functions separately ,which can support department heads to schedule for their subordinates. After the check of boss or HR, it can open to employees officially.

    • After being published, it can view employees’ schedules according to workplaces. If it's needed, you can do personnel assignments in time.

    • After being published, employees can view their own schedule immediately , which can save a lot of internal communication costs.

All above business requirements can be realized by Workstem’s schedule function.

1. Schedule Calendar:

  • Quickly show employees and the current work week.

  • To add/delete/modify shifts in a specified date of one employee.

  • To schedule in batches, and to create shifts for several employees at the same time.

  • To schedule flexibly according to employees’ project name, vocational skills, course arrangement.

  • To filter according to workplaces, departments, positions.

  • To export finished shifts.

2. To set the most frequently used working time and places as 「Shits Template」

  • When scheduled, it can automatically generate shits info by template, which can save the time of inputting the same info.

  • To support quick scheduling with one click on a mobile phone.

3. To import in bulk from the「Overview」interface.

  • To import in bulk after finishing shifts according to the provided template in Excel.

  • To delete unnecessary info in batches.

The difference between Scheduling and Scheduling Pro: Scheduling Pro is an upgraded version of Scheduling, which is mainly reflected in the powerful statistical functions and the exporting function of schedules in various formats.

  • Turn on the Roster Statistics switch to display the schedule details;

  • Click on the Total , you can view the shift statisticsby position, department, and projects ;

  • Click to export schedule, you can choose PDF, XLS format.

Below is an automatic shift arrangement in Web.

Employees work in fixed time, the system provides the default shifts template function, which can realize attendance without schedule after clocking in. Just do the below 3 steps:

  1. To add new shift template

  2. To set the default shift of a work location.

  3. To set employees’ location.

Step 1 Set up a Shift template

On the 「New-Shift Template」of「Shift Template」interface,to input「Name」、「Start Time」、「End Time」、「Deduct Meal Break (Minutes)」and「Save」

Step 2 Add the shift template to the appropriate work location

On the 「Location」interface, to find the needed setting location by default shift and click, then on the page of 「Attendance Rules」to find 「Select the default shift template to use to calculate attendance for workdays with no shift arrangement」, and pull-down to choose new added shift template and finally 「Save」

Step 3 Set employee's work location

On「Employment & Payroll Information」of staff information to「Edit」location, if there are many employees, you can import employees' location info by excel.

Note⚠️After finishing the above steps, employees' attendance can be calculated according to the default shift template when clock in in App.

Note⚠️If a supervisor arranges another shift for an employee, the system will calculate attendance priority to the supervisor’s schedule, only to calculate according to the default shift template without schedule.

Below is Workstem One App schedule introduction

  1. Enter to Roster interface

  2. Select location

  3. Select one employee

  4. Select dates

  5. Add shift

  6. If there is a shift template-click shift template.

  7. If not, go to the left slide, to add a new.

  8. To input Start Time, End Time, Deduct Meal Break(Minutes), Shift Item, Remark and select status.

  9. To Confirm and Save.

Note⚠️When schedule, noties:

  1. Managers and HR can view all staffs' list in 「Roster」, but supervisors can only view their own subordinates.

  2. If there is no commonly used time in the shift template, pls to contact the administrator of the system to add.

  3. If click 「 🔽 」on the interface of 「Roster」, select one location, then select an employees to schedule, finally it will calculate hours according to clock in/out records.(be fit for employees who have fixed working time)

    • Workstem One App, which allows employees to view their own working arrangements in time.

Step 1 Into the Roster Page

In the Workstem One App, enter the Home page --> click to enter「Roster」

Step 2 Choose Employee for Scheduling

Select an employee to schedule

Step 3 Add shift with shift template

  • To Add shifts - use Shift Template

Select the date --> click the「Shift Template」to be added -->「Save」in the upper right corner

Note⚠️Use shift template to schedule only apply to the situation to arrange one shift in one day. If employees have several shifts in one day, then they can arrange one shift by the above way, and click「Add」button to add other shifts.

  • 「Add」- Customize shift time

If you do not use the「Shift Template」and need to customize the time for adding a new shift, swipe right on the「Shift Template」interface and click「Add」

Modify shifts --- Select the shift date to be modified

  • Delete shifts

You can separately delete repetitive and wrong shifts. Select the already scheduled date -->「Delete」-->「Save」

Note⚠️If there are more than two shifts in one day, when press「Delete」, all shifts will be deleted.

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