Workstem scheduling module looks simple but is highly flexible and very powerful.

When it comes to employee shifts, Workstem supports:

  1. Different employees assigned to different shifts and different locations.

  2. One employee, multiple work locations in one day .

  3. One work location, multiple shifts and different assigned employees to each shift.

  4. Overnight shifts.

  5. Arrange employees to work according to the time and progress of the project.

  6. Lunch break.

  7. Some companies require employees to work on weekends or overtime. Workstem now supports 7 days a week from Monday to Sunday, which is more user-friendly.

When it comes to internal workflow, Workstem supports:

  1. Separate workflow steps for assigning and confirming shifts – supports shift scheduling by each department supervisor/manager and then approval by general manager or HR before sending to employees.

  2. Check employee workforce based on work location after publishing shifts; adjust shifts and manpower at any time.

  3. Real-time syncing of shifts on employee apps – no need to send roster tables anymore!

Workstem can achieve the above workflow and processes by utilising the functions below:

1. Quick overview using the "Scheduling Table"

  • Quickly show the current week and employee list.

  • Directly add/edit/delete any shift on the scheduling table.

  • Bulk assign shifts to employees in one-go.

  • Filter shifts based on work location, department, or position.

  • Export shifts as Excel file.

2. Set up "Shift Templates" for frequently used shifts

  • Use shift templates to quickly create shifts – saving you time doing repetitive tasks.

  • One-tap shift assignment on the supervisor mobile app.

3. Bulk update shifts in "Scheduling Overview"

  • Export and edit shifts using Excel then import into Workstem once ready.

  • Bulk delete unnecessary / outdated shifts.

4. Manage shifts on-the-go with the "Supervisor App"

  • Allow your supervisors / managers to manage their direct reports' working schedules. We have prepared this article that you can send to your department supervisors / managers for them to quickly get started.

5. Check assigned shifts using the "Staff App"

  • Once everything is set up including working shifts, notify your employees to check their shifts on the staff app.

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