Need to create a shift for your employee?

Step 1

Under "Schedule > Schedule", you will see a scheduling table displaying 10 employees' shift schedules.

  1. You can use the search box to quickly find the employee or

  2. You can choose to show more employees on the lower right corner.

Step 2

After finding the employee, try to hover your mouse over the table and you will see a "New" button.

Step 3

Click on the "New" button and a side panel will slide out, allowing you to add a new shift easily.

You have to fill in the following information:

  • Working Location (To let employees know where to go for work)

  • Shift Start Time

  • Shift End Time

  • Lunch Break (When calculating total working hours, system will automatically deduct the lunch break minutes set here.)

  • Shift Status (If you don't want employees to see the shifts immediately, you can choose "Unconfirmed". If you confirm the shifts and want employees to see immediately, you can choose "Confirmed".

If you have Shift Templates, you can directly choose from the list and then it will auto-populate the shift details. You can learn more about shift templates here.

Step 4

Click [Save] then the shift will show up on the "Scheduling Table".

Note ⚠️ :

You can create multiple shifts for one employee in a single day. When you hover your mouse over any existing shift, you can click on the "➕" icon to create another shift on that day.

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