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How to Use Shift Templates and Project?
How to Use Shift Templates and Project?

Shift Templates, Project – Set once, use forever!

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What are shift templates ? Why should I use them?

You must have noticed when you're assigning shifts to employees, you have to fill in the start time, end time, and lunch break repeatedly. Thankfully, there's an easier and faster way to do that — with "Shift Templates"!

Once you have set up "Shift Templates", you can use it to quickly auto-fill the start time, end time, and lunch break.

If your employees are working in different work locations but have the same work schedule (shift times), then they can still use the same shift template.

What is the project? Why should we use the project?

In some training institutions or gyms, different personnel or the same personnel may teach different courses, such as fitness instructors, and there may be indoor cycling, fighting, dancing and other courses. Using the project, you can clearly know the specific course items of the scheduling. If the class hour fee of the course is different, you can also calculate the salary through the project.

Also in the schedule information table, you only need to preset the corresponding schedule items, you can drop down to select the schedule items, such as dance, fighting, indoor cycling and other courses.

Scenario 1:

Tommy needs to work in Store A today (08:00 - 12:00) and Store B tomorrow (08:00 - 12:00). In this scenario, you can use the same shift template to create the shifts for Tommy. You just have to choose a different working location for each shift.

Scenario 2:

Your company employs 30 employees, with 3 different shifts:

  1. 08:00 - 12:00

  2. 12:00 - 16:00

  3. 16:00 - 20:00

You can then set 3 different shift templates for these 3 shift times.

How to Create Shift Templates?

Step 1

Under "Schedule > Shift Template", click on "+ New".

Step 2

Fill in the shift template Name (for display only), Shift Start Time & End Time, Type, and Lunch Break, then click on [Save].

How to Make Changes to the Shift Template?

Step 1

Under "Schedule > Shift Template", click on "Edit".

Step 2

You can edit the shift template Name, Start & End Time, Type, and Lunch Break. then click on [Save].

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