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If there are wrong or outdated shifts, how can you quickly update those?

You don't have to delete the shifts. Instead, you can:

  1. Directly edit the shift.

  2. Create new shifts to replace the existing shifts (can do it in bulk).

Directly Edit the Shift:

Step 1

Hover your mouse over the incorrect shift and then click on the middle "Pencil Icon" .✍️.

Step 2

After clicking on the middle "Pencil Icon" ✍️, a side panel will slide out allowing you to edit the shift information. After editing, click on [Save].

Bulk Edit Existing Shifts

Step 1

On the top right corner of the scheduling page, click on [Bulk Settings], and then click on [Bulk Create].

Step 2

Add the employees that have updated shifts.

Step 3

Fill in the necessary new shift information as well as select the dates on the calendar. Then, turn on the switch for [Replace all existing overlapping shifts]. Click on [Save].

You will then see the updated shifts on the scheduling table.

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