As a supervisor / manager, if you need to manage the work shifts of your employees, then our supervisor app can definitely help you!

Let's quickly take a look at how Workstem Supervisor App can help you with shift management:

  1. On the Employee List, you can check which employees are your direct reports and can manage their shifts. If you have a lot of employees, you can even filter based on department / working location / position.

  2. Using the Working Location List, you can assign employees to shifts in different working locations.

  3. In the Employee Scheduling Page, you can use the [calendar + frequently used shift templates] to assign shifts in one-tap.

  4. Using the Copy Shifts feature, you can duplicate shifts just like how you do copy + paste on your computer!

  5. Publish Shifts and your employees can immediately see those shifts on the staff app.

With our powerful supervisor mobile app, go manage your employee shifts now!

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