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Here's a video walkthrough for adding shifts. If you prefer to read this guide instead, please scroll down for more information.

Please take note of the following when creating shifts on our supervisor mobile app:

  1. System admins / HRs can see all employees in the "Roster" page while supervisors can only see their direct reports.

  2. If you see an empty "Shift Template" page, please inform your system admin to add for you.

  3. If you want to use GPS clock in/out function, you need to choose a location for the system to help you calculate the working hours and attendance status.

Step 1

After you open the Supervisor app, click on "Roster", choose a working location, and then choose an employee.

Step 2A – Create a New Shift Using Shift Template

Pick a date on the calendar, then just tap on any Shift Template below and it will immediately add that shift to the calendar. Then tap [Save].

⚠️ This method only applies to the employee who has one shift in one day. If the employee has multiple shifts in one day, you can use this method first, and then press "+ Add" button to create other shifts.

Step 2A – Create a New Shift Using Custom Shift Times

If you cannot or don't want to use the Shift Templates and need to add a custom shift time, you can just swipe the bottom section to the left and it will show you an [+ Add] button. Tap on the [+ Add] button.

Step 3

After filling in the shift information, tap on the [Confirm] button and then tap on [Save].

Edit / Update Shifts

On the calendar, tap on the date that needs updating, then tap on the "pencil icon ✍️"

Just follow Step 3 above and you can successfully update the shift details.

Delete Shifts

You can delete duplicated or wrong shifts by tapping on the date on the calendar and then tapping on the [Delete] button at the bottom. Then just click on [Save] to update your new shifts.

Note ⚠️ :

If you have more than one shift on a particular day, tapping on [Delete] will delete all the shifts on that day,

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