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How to Bulk Import Employees' Information ?
How to Bulk Import Employees' Information ?

When you start using Workstem, you need to bulk import employees' information. Workstem provides a template for convenient bulk importation.

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Import Employee information in Bulk


"Enterprise M has hundreds of employees. How to import their information into Workstem? Workstem provides the bulk import function, which can help you quickly import employee information in a mass amount."

Information Import Process

Step 1 Download Template

Enter the home page, and click「People」-->「Import People」-->「Download template」

Step 2 Fill in the downloaded Template

Fill in the form according to the requirements

Note⚠️: The items with * are mandatory field

Step 3 Import Completed Template

After filling the information of employees in the form according to the example, click 「People」-->「Import People」-->「Select a File」


If you need to import more columns, you can use this template: People-template-more

The template has following new columns:Department、Manager、Position、Employee Type、Payroll Policy、Cost Center、Location、Leave Policy.

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