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How to Import Historical Salary Data?
How to Import Historical Salary Data?

Workstem provides the [Import] function to help you quickly import the past salary data into the system.

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Before using Workstem, your company may have calculated employees' salary through other software or Excel.

Then you need to import historical salary data to do accurate calculation in the following conditions:

  • Employee’s Average Daily Wage (ADW)

  • Download annual tax report for employees

Re-calculating the salary in the system is not only time-consuming but also prone to error. Workstem has the [Import Historical Salary Data] function to help you quickly import past salary data into the system. This article will introduce this function in detail.

Step 1

Click the [Payroll] > [Settings] > [Payroll Policy]

Step 2

Select the payroll policy that needs historical salary data, click [Edit] to enter the payroll policy settings page, select the [History] tab, and click [Import]

Step 3

In the [Import] dialog box, click [Download Template] to download the system standard import template, and prepare the related data according to the template

Be careful when preparing data:

  • Employee: required, and you can input name (display name), employee number, and email to match employees who already in the system

  • Payroll Policy: required, and must be consistent with the name already in the system

  • Pay Cycle: required, and if you want to import the salary data for August 2020, input 2020-09

  • Frequency: required, and if the salary is paid once a month, just input 1

  • Column E and the following columns are optional, you can input data or delete columns for your needs.

  • If the pay item you want to import is not in the template, you can first add it in the system and then add it to the template.

  • It is not recommended to import the histroical data of employees and leave.

  • It is not recommended to calculate tax for incomplete years.

  • For the first time to use the system, you only need to prepare the data of two Pay items ([ADW Income Current Month], [Full Pay days]).

Step 4

In the [Import] dialog box, click [Select a File] to select the prepared template and click [OK]

After seeing [Successfully Uploaded], you can see the imported records under the history page. If the imported data is wrong, you can click [Delete] to clear the data and import again

If the import fails, the system will show the ErrorExcel file, open it to see the failing reason

Notice ⚠️:

  • You can bulk import all employees historical data with the same payroll cycle at once. If you have 100 employees, you can import them into the same file

  • Data of different payroll cycles need to be imported separately. If you want to import the data of the past 12 months, you need to prepare 12 import files and import them separately

  • When importing data for payroll calculation, the first four columns with “ * ” and ADW Income Current MonthADW Worked Days Current Month need to be filled.

  • When importing data for tax, all columns need to be filled.

  • The [Import Historical Data] function can only be used to import data before the start date of the payroll policy calculation.

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