Your company may have calculated employee salary through other software or Excel before using Workstem.

Then you need historical salary data to calculate accurately in the following situations:

  • Employee’s Average Daily Wage (ADW)
  • Download annual tax report for employees

Re-calculating the salary in the system is not only time-consuming but also prone to error. Workstem has the [Import Historical Salary Data] function to help you quickly import past salary data into the system. This article will introduce this function in detail.

Step 1

[Payroll] > [Settings] > Click the [Settings] button of [Payroll]

Step 2

Select the payroll policy that needs to import historical salary data, press the [Edit] button to enter the payroll policy settings page, select the [History] tab, and click the [Import] button

Step 3

In the [Import] dialog box, click [Download Template] to download the system standard import template, and prepare the data to be imported according to the template requirements

Be careful when preparing to import data:

  • Employee: required, and you can enter name (display name), employee number, and email that matching in the system
  • Payroll Regulation: required, and must be consistent with the name of the payroll policy already in the system
  • Pay Cycle: required. If the salary data for August 2020 is to be imported, enter 2020-09
  • Frequency: required, if it is issued once a month, just enter 1
  • Column E and the following columns are optional, you can enter data or delete columns according to actual needs
  • If the pay item you want to import is not in the table, you can add it to the pay item in the system and then add it to the table.

Step 4

In the [Import] dialog box, press [Select a File] to select the prepared template in it and press the [OK] button to import it into the system

The system prompts [Successfully Uploaded], you can see the imported records under the history page. If the imported data is wrong, you can press the [Delete] button to clear the data and import again

If the import fails, the system will return the ErrorExcel file, open it to see the reason for the import failure

Note ⚠️:

  • You can import bulk data of all employees with the same salary cycle at one time. If you have 100 employees, you can import them into the same file
  • The salary data of different periods need to be imported separately. If you want to import the data of the past 12 months into the system, you need to separate 12 import files and import them separately
  • The [Import Historical Data] function can only import data before the start date of the payroll policy calculation, please refer to the below picture to check your settings

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