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How to pay salary many times a month?
How to pay salary many times a month?

In HongKong, most companies pay salary once a month. But some companies pay salaries many times a month. So, how does Workstem help them ?

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Scene 1: pay commission on the 15th and pay basic salary on the 25th

A trading company has a large number of departments and employees, and it cannot count the commissions of employees before the pay date. Therefore, it is necessary to issue commissions on the 15th and basic salary on the 25th.

Here are main setting steps:

First Pay- Commission


Enter [Payroll] >[Pay run], choose One-time Pay Run and fill the Basic Information

Because all employees need to be paid commissions in this case, so select "Salaried employees under this pay rule" in the Employees included in this pay run

In Advanced Settings, only choose the second one

Step 2

Click on [Next], and the current amount is 0

Step 3

Enter Payroll - Variable Pay Items, add or import staff’s commission amount, choose the new Commission Pay in Pay Run.

Step 4

Back to [Payroll], view the new One-time Pay Run and click on Recalculate. After confirming the correct amount was input, choose [Next] >[Submit]>[Pay]

Second Pay- Basic Salary

Step 1

Enter Payroll > Pay Run, add new pay run and fill Basic Information

Step 2

Click [Calculate] > [Submit] > [Pay]

Notice ⚠️

When calculating the MPF income amount, the system will calculate both 2 pay runs per month.

Now you can achieve salary payments twice a month.

Scene 2: pay wages once a week

Some industries with a high turnover rate, such as catering companies, need to pay weekly wages, and Workstem also supports that.

Step 1

Enter [Payroll] > [Settings], add a new payroll policy, select Weekly payroll in Pay Period and click Save

Notice ⚠️

If you want to change the current payroll policy to weekly salary, just Edit it directly.

Step 2

Enter [PayRun]. Select the week that needs to be paid, and the system will generate Frequency automatically.

Notice ⚠️

When calculating MPF income, the system will generate it on the basis of the whole month.

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