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How to Import Salary Data with Excel?
How to Import Salary Data with Excel?
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The last article mentioned in detail that variable pay items can be imported through our template at once, and various types of variable pay items can be added to the template.

The following content will teach you how to upload variable pay items in batches using templates.

Step 1

Go to [Payroll] > [Variable Salary Data] > [Import] > [Download Template]

Step 2

Fill in the content that needs to be uploaded in the template, there are 4 required items:

  1. Employee: You can fill in the employee’s system display name/Staff ID/email address

  2. The name of the pay item to be imported (the pay item name needs to be set in the system in advance)

  3. Amount (no more than two decimal places)

  4. Pay Date (format MM/DD/YYYY): When the system calculates the payroll of the current month, it will judge whether the pay item amount is included in the calculation according to the date of occurrence. For example, if you are currently calculating the payroll in October (the salary cycle is October 1st-31st), the system will only calculate all pay items that occurred on October 1st-31st.

Optional items:

  1. Pay Run

  2. Reason

Note ⚠️:

  1. In the form, the [Employee] column must be exactly the same as the display name/employee number/email address in the system

  2. Only one salary item with the same name is allowed to be added on the same date. If there are multiple items with the same name, first calculate the total amount and then merge it into one piece of data and import it

  3. If there are employees with the same name, fill in a different Staff ID or email address to differentiate

Step 3

Once the data is filled in the file, you can return to [Variable Pay Items], click [Import] > [Select a File] and click [OK]

Note⚠️: If there are multiple pay items that have been uploaded successfully and need to update the data, you need to delete the items that need to be changed from the system, and then upload them again with Excel.

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