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Monthly Salary - How to Add Salary Data ?
Monthly Salary - How to Add Salary Data ?
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The salary data is the specific value of each pay item of the employee. After assigning the payroll policy to the employee and adding the pay item, the salary data can be added to the employee.

Basic salary is added and modified in employee profiles, and other salary data is entered in [Fixed Pay Items] and [Variable Pay Items]

This article takes monthly salary employees as an example to introduce how to add salary data such as basic salary, transportation subsidies, and bonuses to employees.

Basic salary

Basic Salary can be added to the employee when inputting his/her profile into the system. If not added, you can go to [People] > [View] Employee File> [Employment and Payroll Information] > [Update Record] > [Edit]

Enter the basic salary amount of the employee in [Basic Salary] field on the pop-up [Update Record] dialog box, and select [Monthly] in the [Salary Type], click [Save]

Fixed Pay Items

Used for entering a monthly fixed amount or value of pay items, such as a monthly fixed HK$1,000 telephone allowance

step 1:

Click [Payroll] > [Fixed Pay Items], select the employee in the salary file list, and press [Edit]

Click [Add] under [Fixed Pay Items], select [Telephone Allowance] in the [Pay Items] drop-down list, enter 1,000 in [Amount], and click [Save]


  • The fixed pay item is always valid after it is added. If it is no longer used, you need to delete it

  • You can only enter the amount once for the same pay item. If the [Telephone Allowance] is increased from 1,000 to 1,500, you can directly modify the [Amount]

Variable Pay Items

Used for entering pay items that will change monthly or a one-off item, such as Yearly bonus (bonus) HK$30,000.

step 1

Click [Payroll] > [Variable Pay Items] > [+Add]

In the pop-up form, select the employee in [Name] drop down list and select [Year End Bonus] in [Pay Items], enter [30,000] in [Amount], enter the actual date of occurrence in [Date], and click [Save]

Note ⚠️:

  • Variable pay items can occur multiple times in a cycle, but the same occurrence date can only be entered once

  • After the variable pay item is entered, it is only valid for the current period. If the item needs to be issued next time, you need to enter it again

  • In addition to inputting variable pay items one by one, you can also use Excel for bulk import. For specific details, please refer to How to Import Salary Data with Excel?

Through the above steps, we can enter the employee's salary data into the system, and then the salary can be calculated in the pay run.

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