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How to Bulk Update Existing Staff Information Using Excel
How to Bulk Update Existing Staff Information Using Excel

Bulk Update Existing Staff Information

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Bulk Update Existing Staff Information

Staff information may need to be updated from time to time, especially when you just started using the system and trying to input staff information.

It is time consuming and prone to error if the data is entered manually. No worries, Workstem has [Import People] function to update staff information (except employee email address) by Excel file import. The information which can be imported with Excel file includes:

  • Name, Join Date, Staff No., ID, Basic Salary, Bank Account info, Emergency contact info

  • Gender, Marital status, Country code, Employment Status, Salary type

  • Department, Position, Location, Payroll policy, Leave policy, Manager, Cost Center


Employees' email address is the only identification in the system, and it cannot be duplicate. If email address changes, you need to edit them in the system one by one, otherwise, system will regard it as a new employee and then generate a new record.

This guide will take updating department information of employees as an example to introduce this function.

Step 1 Export Existing Employee information

You can export all of staff information in a file named "People-List" by clicking [People] --> [Export]

Step 2 Download Template for Importation

Click [People] --> [Import People] --> [Download template]

Step 3 Successfully Downloaded, and Opened up the template

You can successfully download a template named "People-template", as shown below:

Step 4 Copy the First three required information from the export template to the "Import template", and fill in the updated information

Inputting needed information in the template.

  1. Join Date, Name(Display Name), and Email Address are required. You can copy them from the exported file in Step 1 and paste in the template

  2. Columns after column D are optional. You can delete columns or leave them blank.

  3. If you have customized information to input, you can add new column by yourself.

    1. For example, you can insert a column named "Department" in the template, like:

Note⚠️: Data of Department is selected in the dropdown menu instead of inputting by yourself. Therefore, the information input in the Department column should match the related data which is already in the system. If department is not in the system yet, the steps of adding departments are: click [Company] --> [Department] --> [+ New]

Step 4 Upload the updated information template

Click [People] --> [Import People] --> [Select a File] to import the file with updated file --> Click "OK"

  • Note⚠️: Clicking [Do not import if there are errors] means that all records will not be input into the system if there is error; if not selected, it means valid data will be imported but not the ones with errors.

  • Note⚠️: Update duplicate records: if selected, the information in the system will be updated with excel file according to the same email address.

  • Note⚠️: Do not import duplicate records: if selected, the system will not import data in the excel file if employees' email address in the excel file is the same as in the system. This option usually applies to adding new employees in the system.

  • Note⚠️: If successfully imported, the system will show "Successfully Uploaded".

  • Note⚠️: If fail to import, the system will show as below. And you can download a file named "ErrorExcel" by clicking [click here to download the bug report]. The reason of import failure is on the very right of the file.

  • Note⚠️: Department No Search means that the data input in Department column does not exist in the system. You need to check the correctness or add new department in the web portal.

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