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Staff File Maintenance

Managing Staff File Information

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Managing Staff File Information

When you officially start using Workstem, you need to complete employees’ information. For example, inputting their bank account, emergency contact, home address, gender and other personal information. In this way, a complete employee database will be built up.

Step 1

Go to[People], double click the employee, choose[Edit]to modify his or her information. You can also Upload relevant Attachment

Step 2

If you need to change "Employment & Payroll information", enter "Employment & Payroll Information" and click Change. You need to select Effective Type and input Reason (promotion?raise?or others)

Note⚠️: Illustration of Effective Type:

  • Select [Effective Immediately]refers to change of the employee’s current salary and employment information, which takes effect immediately. For example, employees are promoted from manager to director today.

  • Select [Effective in the Future] refers to previous change of the employee’s current salary and employment information, which will take effect in the future. For example, an employee will be promoted and have a salary increase starting on the 1st of next month (note: the effective date when increasing the employee's salary is consistent with the start date of the current employee's payrun period.

    For example: employee Tony's payrun period is the standard payrun period, which is from the 1st of each month to the last day of the month. The company decides to adjust Tony's salary from HK$10,000 to HK$15,000 from the next month. When the employee information is changed, the salary is adjusted to HK$15,000. The effective date is Choose the 1st of the next month)

  • Select [Modify] refers to change of previous wrong information. It will not be recorded.

  • Select [Historical Record] refers to adding a new record in staff’s employment information. For example, if you are using the system for the first time, but you want the system to keep the previous records, you can select this.

Notice⚠️: Except[Modify], all other three types are set for keeping records of every change HR made, and it is saved in Update Timeline and Update Record (see below pic) for future viewing. But if selecting Modify, the change will not be recorded and only used for information update.

Step 3

You can modify employee’s Join Date, Employment Type, Position, Department, Manager, Location, Payroll Policy, Basic Salary, Salary Type and Cost Center here

Step 4

In[Notes], you can set "Tag" on employees for convenient management, and also add employees’ experience

*Through these steps, you have built up a complex employee database.

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