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How to manually Input Employee Personal Data?
How to manually Input Employee Personal Data?

Manually Input Employee Personal Data

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Manually Input Employee Personal Data

Step 1 Add new employee

Enter [People] page --> Click [New]

Step 2 Fill in the Required information for the Employee

Three required fields: name (display name), valid email address, and joined date.

Note⚠️: Other fields can be filled depending on different needs. Some information will directly affect system functionality while other information is only kept as employee files.

Note⚠️: If you want to fully use the schedule and clocking function, you also need to fill in the [Location].

Note⚠️: If you want to fully use the payroll module, you also need to fill in the form of employment type, payroll policy, basic salary, and salary type (red box)

Others are optional, please fill in according to the actual situation of the company. After filling in, be sure to click [Save] in the upper right corner of the system.

Employee profile information item description:

  1. Fill in the name (display name): If your company has different ways of addressing employees, some are accustomed to using preferred English names, and some are directly addressing Chinese names. Here you can fill in your most accustomed names.

  2. Email address: With email address, you can log in to the employee app to start to experience clocking in and out , checking the schedule and other functions

  3. Joined date: used to automatically calculate holiday balance, MPF contributions, tax declaration, and other information in the future.


In addition to the content mentioned above, there is many other information in the employee file, which does not affect the use of the system. These information can be revised or updated at any time after adding employees.

Items such as position, department, location, and salary rules need to be set in the system in advance, and a drop-down menu will be automatically generated in the employee file for selection. If there is no content in the drop-down menu, it means that you have not done any settings in the system. You need to go to the relevant module to complete the settings, and then come back to add.

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