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When you have a great number of employees to import leave balance, you can import data with Excel file to update leave balance of employees in bulk.

Step 1

Click [Leave] > [Leave Balance] > [Balance Adjustment] > [Import].

Step 2

You can download an excel file named "template" by clicking [Download template] in the pop-up window.

  • Employee: required. You can input employee display name, staff ID, or employee email address. If you have employees with the same name, you should input staff ID or employee email address.

  • Leave type: required. You select one of leave types in the dropdown menu.

  • Amount: required. If you increase the leave balance, you should input positive number, otherwise, you should input negative number.

  • Reason: required. It is the reason why you adjust leave balance.

Step 3

After finishing inputting data of leave balance adjustment in the excel file, click [Select a File] in the pop-up window of Import and click OK.

You successfully import data of leave balance adjustment with the excel file into the system in bulk with the above steps. If failed, the system will show:

You can download an excel file named "ErrorExcel" by clicking [Click here to download the bug report]. The reason of failure is on the very right of this excel file.

  • Can't find this employee: means the data in the "Employee" column does not match to the data in the system.

If imported data is wrong, you can click [Edit] or [Delete] to make changes.


  • The system does not update duplicate data, therefore, every successful data import will add in new records in the system.

  • If you find out imported data is wrong, please edit or delete them as soon as possible.

  • Balance adjustment only used during initial Leave Balance set up. If employees need to ask for leave, please submit the application in [Leave Application] in daily use.

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