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How to Bulk Import Staff Information?
How to Bulk Import Staff Information?

Add your staff information through Excel template and import to system to handle all the information in one go.

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Satff Import Template - Add New Staff

If the number of employees in your company is more than 10, it will be a good choice to use template to import all satff information in one go. You can paste the staff information according to the example format of our template and then import it.

Step 1

Enter [People] > Click [Import People]

Step 2

Click [Download template]

Step 3

Follow the columns of template and complete the staff information.

Step 4

Once finished, please back to [People] > Click [Import People] > [Select a File], then the template can be uploaded successfully.

Satff Import Template - Update Staff Information

If you need to bulk update staff information, you can also use our staff import template! Just fill in the updated information in the template, and the update can be completed after importing. However, please make sure that the email address of the updated staff remains the same, because the system recognises each staff based on their email address.

Note⚠️: We currently don't support bulk update of staff email address. If you need to make changes, please manually amend it in staff information one by one.

Step 1

Enter [People] > Click [Import People]

Step 2

When seeing [What to do when there are duplicate records in the data file or system], select [Update duplicate records], and then import the file.

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