Regarding the problem of how to clock-in when employees work at an unfixed location, the usual approach is:

step 1:

When the supervisor schedules a shift for the employee, he/she only needs to fill in the [Start Time] and [End Time] and then create the shift.

Step 2:

The employee clocks in as [Field Work] status, which can show the specific clock in time and location.And employers can view the specific GPS location information of field employees.

Step 3:

At the end of each day, the employee applies for a [Compensatory Time] timesheet and attaches his own check-in record so that the supervisor can decide whether the employee has worked as scheduled. For the detailed steps of applying for a new timesheet, please refer to [Employee] How to Submit An Overtime / Compensatory Timesheet Request?

Step 4:

The supervisor approves the application for the staff's timesheet. If there are multiple employees who need the supervisor to approve the timesheet, the supervisor can do bulk approval. For the detailed steps of supervisor approving timesheet, please refer to [Supervisor] How to Approve Overtime / Compensatory Timesheet Requests?

After the employee's timesheet is approved, the system will automatically record the staff 's working hours.

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