When employees work overtime, they need to submit an application through [Timesheet]. For the approval and management of the timesheet, please refer to:

[Employee] How to Apply for Overtime through [Timesheet] Application

[Supervisor] How to Approve Overtime / Compensatory Timesheet Requests?]

[Managing Timesheets (Add, Edit, Delete)]

Base on the overtime records submitted in the system, you need to follow the steps below to manually adjust the amount of [Compensatory Leave]

Step 1

Compensatory leave can be calculated in units of days/hours. After determining the calculation unit, go to [Leave] module > select the [Compensation Leave] in the [Leave Type] page and set the [Unit].

Step 2

In the "Leave Balance", enter the [Compensation Leave] page, click into each employee's file to manually adjust the leave time, and fill in the amount according to the set days/hours separately.

After the [Compensation Leave] balance is available, the balance in the system will be automatically deducted once the employee's application for compensation leave is approved.

Note ⚠️:

The system will convert the leave time based on 8 hours a day. (For example: 0.5 days of leave = 4 hours)

When the calculation unit is [Day], you need to convert the number of overtime hours into days in the leave balance by [Hours / 8].

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