[Employee] How to Apply for Overtime through [Timesheet] Application
Use Workstem One App to apply for timesheet
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How to add a new timesheet application

Login into the Workstem One App and find "Calendar" > select a date > click

[+ Timesheet]

Input the details as below:

  • Type: Overtime

  • Overtime Category: Select whether the Overtime happened on Weekday/Rest Day/ Statutory Holiday so that the system can categorize different types of Overtime correctly. If this field is not selected, the system will categorize the Overtime record by the [Leave Policy] assigned to the employee.

  • Overnight Shift: only tick when you work across different dates

  • Date: choose the date when Overtime occurred

  • Start Time: the start time your Overtime period

  • End Time: the end time of Overtime period
    If you tick "Overnight Shift", the end time will be this time on the next day

  • Durations: the system will calculate durations according to start time and end time automatically

  • Reason: the reason for applying Overtime

  • Upload: the system supports adding photos. You can use your camera to take photos directly or select your saved photos. The photo will be used as a reference during supervisors’ approval process.

  • Choose Approver: the system will choose your direct manager as the approver. If you need other people to help with approval, you can click [Add] and choose people from the staff list. You can choose multiple approvers and the sequence of approvers is in line with your selected sequence. If there's a mistake, you can delete it and choose again.

Check approval status

If you want to know if the previous timesheet application has been approved:

Get in "More" > "Timesheet Application"

Cancel Overtime application

The overtime application, whether approved or not, can be canceled any time before the “Starting time” submitted in the application. You just need to go to the details page of Timesheet and click [Cancel]. The record will be kept after cancel, and the status will turn to "Cancelled".

Timesheet History

There are three ways to look up the past record of the timesheet:

  1. View all history records: Go to [More] > [Timesheet Application]. The filter function is in the upper right corner.

  2. View the history of a certain day:

Method 1:

Go to [Timesheet] > select a date > the shift of the day and timesheet records will appear.

Method 2:

Enter [Timesheet] > switch to [list] mode, click the record of a certain day to view the details of the timesheet. The page will also display the total hours worked, shift schedule, and leave application details.

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