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Managing Timesheets on Web
Managing Timesheets on Web

HRs and admin users can easily manage employee timesheets in the backend.

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Admin and HR can easily manage employees' timesheet applications in the timesheet module with the following actions:

  • Approve / reject timesheet

  • Add new timesheet

  • Edit timesheet

  • Delete timesheet

  • Check timesheet record

Timesheet Approval

Staff's timesheet application can be approved/rejected by supervisors through the mobile app directly or managed by HR/admin users in the backend. Click [Agree] or [Disagree] in the table list or inside the details page.

  • Click on [Agree] and the timesheet status will turn to "Approved"

  • Click on [Disagree], the timesheet status will turn to "Rejected"

Add New Timesheet

Timesheets can be added by HRs in the backend. Go to [Attendance –> Timesheet] click on the blue button on the upper right hand corner and input the details.

Details of a Timesheet

  • People (Employee)

  • Type

  • Overnight Shift: Turn it on only when the shift is an overnight shift

  • Date: choose the day that you're creating the timesheet for

  • Start Time: the start time

  • End Time: the end time (If you choose overnight shift, the end time should be the ending time on the second day. e.g. 3:00 for 3am)

  • Duration: the system will calculate it automatically based on your Start Time and End Time

  • Reason: the reason for this timesheet application

Note ⚠️

When you as an HR adds timesheet via the web portal, it will be approved immediately and the status will turn to "Approved".

Edit Timesheet

How to deal with approved timesheets with incorrect details? You can click into each timesheet to look up the details, edit, and then save the new changes.

Delete Timesheet

Q: If an employee's timesheet is submitted and approved already but he or she didn't go to work according to the time in the timesheet, what can I do?

A: The timesheet can be edited or deleted.

Step 1:

Find the timesheet that needs to be deleted –> click the gray button [Delete] on the right side of the table

Look Up The Timesheet

The timesheet page will show 10 timesheet records by default. You can change how many records to display in the bottom right corner. There are 4 statuses for processed timesheet:

  • Approved

  • Denied

  • Cancelled

  • Deleted

By clicking [Filter] button on the upper left hand corner, you can filter and easily look up timesheets based on department, position, people, employment status, start time, duration, and application status.

You can double click on each timesheet (each row) or click the [View] button on the rightmost end of the table to view detailed timesheet information including:

  • Staff information (name, position, department, staff number, and joined date)

  • Timesheet information (date, start time, and end time)

  • Shift and status of the timesheet

  • Approvers and approval workflow

  • Attachment and notes

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