You can manage all employees' leave applications uniformly through Leave Application module in the back-end.

  • Look up all leave application records

  • Approve leave application

  • Add new leave application: leave compensation or dealing with special leave types

  • Edit Leave application

  • Delete Leave application

Look Up Leave Application

Get in the page of [Leave Application], there are 10 pieces of record in every page by default. You can click the button in the bottom right corner to change the piece number of showed records. To find some specific types of leave applications, you can click the button [Filter] to filter quickly.

The possible status of leave application includes:

  • Pending (Employee makes leave application on the mobile App)

  • Approved (The leave application has been approved)

  • Denied (Supervisor denied the leave application)

  • Canceled (This is the status when employee successfully canceled his or her leave application)

  • Deleted (This is the status when employee successfully deleted his or her leave application)

You can double click the leave application or click [View] at the far right, and get into the page of leave application detailed information:

  1. Basic Information (Name, Position, Department, Staff No., Joined Date)

  2. Leave Application information (Leave Type, Duration, Date, Time, Duration)

  3. Calendar (show leave application time in the form of calendar)

  4. The overview of employee's leave balance (Leave Type, available quota)

  5. Approver and approval workflow

  6. Activity Log (all operation records of this leave application)

  7. Attachment and Notes

Approve Leave Application

Supervisor can approve the subordinate's leave application directly on the mobile App. HR/company administrator also can deal with leave application on the back-end by clicking [Agree] or [Disagree] in leave application list or details page.

  • Agree, the leave application status will turn to [Approved]

  • Disagree, the leave application status will turn to [Denied]

Leave Application List:

Leave Application Details Page:

Add New Leave Application

For some leave types with setting that employee cannot apply for, or leave application record compensation, HR can input them into the system directly. Click the blue button [+ New] on the upper right hand corner, input basic information in the pop-up page [New Leave Application], and save.

Notice⚠️ :

  1. The status of leave application inputted by HR is [Approved] by default, and there's no need for others' approval any more.

  2. The leave quota deducted from the leave balance will be recorded in the leave balance record

Edit Leave Type

The approved leave application whose leave type can be changed. You can get in the leave application details page, change the leave type directly and save.

Notice ⚠️: After you changed the leave type, the deducted quota of previous leave type will be compensated and quota of the new leave type will be deducted.

Delete Leave Application

If the employee submitted leave application and got approved, but he or she didn't take time off finally, the the leave application can be deleted.

Find the leave application needed to be deleted > click the grey button at the right end of the bar > click [OK]

After you delete it successfully, the status of leave application will turn to [Deleted] and the previously deducted leave quota will be compensated automatically in the system.

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