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Practical Guide Of Leave Function
Practical Guide Of Leave Function

This article will help you go through the process and all steps of leave function.

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This article will help you go through the process and all steps of leave function. It will let you quickly start with our leave management function, improving efficiency and accuracy of leave management in your daily work.

Key Points of This Article:

  1. There are four basic settings which you need to set step by step to finally generate leave balance.

  2. Employees cannot apply for leave until the leave balance is correct.

  3. Maintenance of Leave Application record depends not only on employee's self-service, but also on HR's daily management.

4 Basic Settings

Let's take a look, before employees starts to apply for leave, what are the 4 basic important settings:

1.Setting of Leave Type

Simply put, [Leave Type] is all leave types that employees are entitled to. You need to make sure all leave types applicable in your company are added into the system.

Common leave types are already in the system, such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, no pay leave, compensatory leave, etc. You can use or edit them directly. If you want to add self-defined leave types, the system can also support it.

2. Setting of Leave Policy

In short, [Leave policy] is the way and rules of how the company give leave entitlement to employees. You can set leave policy based on your company's detailed rules, and set different leave policies for different employees. The applicable scenario includes:

  • Company's management and common staff enjoy different leave types and different annual leave entitlement

  • Part-time employees and Full-time employees enjoy different leave types

  • Sales-oriented employees and office-oriented employees enjoy different annual leave entitlement

3. Generate leave policy for different leave types

In leave policy, we need to do leave balance setting well. Take annual leave as an example, you need to set some items including:

  • If the annual leave entitlement increases with seniority year by year

  • Generate leave entitlement whether by month or by year

  • For employee who joined in company in the middle of the year, how to do pro-rata calculation to generate the leave balance in the system

  • How long is the trial period and if employees could apply for leave in the trial period

  • If the leave balance can be carried into the next year

⚠️You cannot generate correct leave entitlement for employees until all items above are set correctly.

4. Generate Leave Entitlement for the First Time

After you finished leave policy setting, you need to assign different leave policies with different leave entitlements to every employee. Once you finish this step, the system will generate leave balance for the first time from current month. Also, all your records before can be input to the system by manual setting.

Employees can apply for leave only after their leave balance are correct.

Apply for Leave and Approve Leave Application through Mobile App

We provide supervisor App and Staff App to support employee's self-service

  1. Apply for leave: The employee can check his or her leave entitlement and leave balance through mobile App. Employee can apply for leave on Staff App and upload attachment if necessary.

  2. Approve leave application: supervisors is able to see leave application record and detailed information of subordinate. He or she can approve leave applications through mobile App and add approval reasons if needed.

  3. The default approval process on Mobile Apps is the supervisor approves leave applications from direct reports.

If you want to learn more information about approval process, you can read Detailed Description of Approval Process in the System

Daily Maintance and Management for HR

The data of leave directly influences the accuracy of pay run. Staff and supervisor need to finish some routine work on mobile Apps. In addition, HR and boss also need to approve leave applications and manage leave balance on the web portal, including:

  • Approve leave application - approve or reject application

  • Delete application record

  • Edit leave application information, such as adjusting leave type, change date and number of days

  • View leave balance of all employees and download related data

Now you know all important items of leave function, you can start to do leave related setting for your employees according to our detailed setting instruction.

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