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Management of Leave Balance (Manual adjustment)
Management of Leave Balance (Manual adjustment)

This article helps you learn all functions of [Leave Balance] and manage employees' leave balance better.

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1. Look Up Leave Balance

In the page of leave balance, the leave balance information will display in columns by holiday type. You can see the list of staff and leave details of every staff (current balance, on plan and usable)

Current plan = the obtained leave quota - already used leave quota

On plan = the leave quota on plan to use, includes:

  • quota of pending leave applications

  • quota of approved leave application, but it's still before the leave time now

Usable = current plan - on plan

Choose one employee and click [View], get in the page of [Leave Balance Details] which includes four parts.

1. Basic information of this leave type, includes: Current Balance, On Plan, Usable and Leave Policy

2. Details of this leave type, includes: Leave Balance Record and Leave Application records

3. Employee profile, includes: Name, Department, Position, Staff Number, Salary Type, Employment Type and Joined Date

4. Name of all leave types and available leave balance of this employee

2. Check Leave Balance Record Details

All leave balance change records are kept here, include:

  • the quota generated by system automatically

  • the quota of manual adjustment

  • leave application sheet (submitted by employees through App, created by HR in the back end)

Quota generated by the system automatically has below signs:

  1. [System Gengrated] or [Annual Carry Over] in [Description] column

  2. Date + Sys Create in [Reason] column

  3. [Time] is Leave Distribution Time in Leave Policy settings

  • If you choose distribute monthly + Cycle Start Date, then the leave distribution time is the first day of every month

  • If you choose distribute yearly + Cycle Start Date, then the leave distribution time is the first day of every year

For Interval in Leave Policy setting,

if you choose to distribute yearly, there will be one record every year;

If you choose to distribute monthly, there will be one record every month.

Quota of manual adjustment has below signs:

  • Time: the time of manual adjustment

  • Description: manual adjustment

  • Reason: the explanation filled at the time of manual adjustment

Record of leave application has below signs:

1. Time:

  • If the employee on the day of May 1 applies for leave on June 1 , the time here will be June 1.

  • If HR creates leave application sheet on May 1 to compensate leave on April 1. the time here will be May 1.

2. Status & Description:

  • For the leave application which has been approved but the leave has not started yet, the status is [Planned], and description is [Vacation plan].

  • For already finished leave, the status is [Taken Effect], and description is [Vacation].

3. Amount: the duration of leave

The record with description of [Holiday Deletion] is the leave application that is deleted or edited with leave type in the system. Here the record is generated for already deducted leave quota compensation.

3. Look Up Leave Application Record

This interface shows all leave application sheet records

1. Application No.: the applied duration of leave application sheet

2. Status: the status of leave application sheet

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