You can customise approver for employee's leave application or overtime compensation application. Employee Information in Approval Process means applications from these employees in different location/position/department can be approved by one/multiple approvers in sequence.

Example 1

HR A can approve leave application of all employees of Engineering Department in Lee Garden Three and Twistter Li of Product Department in Central.

Example 2

Karl and Josephine can approve leave application of employees of Marketing Department in HK Office - Lee Garden Three. Karl will approve first, and then pass to Josephine.

Step 1

Go to Settings > Approval Process

Step 2

Select Leave in Approval Type

Step 3

Click on Add

Repeat the steps above to add Josephine as designated approvers, but select 2 in sequence.

Step 4

View and click on Finish

⚠️ 1 is the first approver, 2 is the second one.

Apply Leave on Workstem One App:

  • If employee doesn't select new approver, the approval process will follow the above steps;

  • If employee selects new approvers, then approval process will follow the above steps first, then pass to new people.

For example, add Claire Lin and Eric Coke as new approvers:

Step 1

Open Workstem One App > Tap Apply for leave

Step 2

Select new approvers

Step 3

The sequence is from left to right

The final sequence:Karl > Josephine > Claire > Eric

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