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How to Set Up Notifications

When approving Timesheet, Leave Application and granting requests, we could set notifications previously for more convenient work.

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When using Workstem, companies may encounter situations where they need to receive timely notifications of some operations. For example, when approving timesheets and leave applications or granting requests, for supervisors or HRs to approve timely manner to improve work efficiency, employees to learn the latest updates, and related staff to quickly receive the grant, we can set up message notifications in advance to facilitate our daily work.

To set up notifications, you need to complete the following steps:

Step 1:

Go to [Settings] > [Configuration management] > [Notification Setting] > [Management]

Step 2:

Click [+ New] to add a new system notification.

Step 3:

Choose Notification Type, including "Time Sheet", "Leave", "Grant", "Expense Claim".

Step 4:

Select sending ways, including "App notification", "E-mail Notification", "Web System Notification", then [Save].

Step 5:

Then click the [Notifications] on the upper right, to read notifications in detail.

Workstem One App Notification Page

Supervisors and employees can also read notifications on Workstem One App, approve the related applications, or know the latest approval status in time.

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