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Detailed Description of Approval Process in the System
Detailed Description of Approval Process in the System

To help you better understanding the Approval Process, to make daily management work more efficient.

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Approval Process, that is, the daily application of time sheet, leave, and expense claims of employees, through what way, which approver to pass to, with what way to approve, how employees see the approval results of this whole work process.

To make daily management work more efficient, Workstem supports several different approval processes:

1. Default approval process

In order to reduce the workload in process setting, according to the general personnel management practice, the system defaults the approver to be the direct manager of the employee:

Employee application → Direct Manager → Supervisor Approval through Workstem One App → Employee check application status through Workstem One App

As long as the employee's direct manager is specified in the staff information, the system will follow the default approval process for all applications. For employees who do not have a direct manager, the system will default that the employee does not need an approver and all applications will be approved directly.

2. Custom approval process

If the company has a specific approver to approve workflows, or there is a need for multi-level approval, the system supports the setting of a custom approval process, which can be divided into workflows (leave/time sheet) or set different approval processes according to the scope of employees.

Operation steps:

Step 1:

Enter Workstem and click [Settings] > [Approval Process] > [New]

Step 2:

Customize [Workflow Name], select workflow applicable to the process as required, and select [Next].

[Workflow Applicable to] : select [Timesheet] or [Leave] or [Expense], or both, which indicates that you can set the same approval process for time sheets, leaves, and expense, or you can set different approval process.

Step 3:

Click [Select Applicant] on the [Applicant] information card

If the process applicant is all staff, select [Yes], otherwise select [No]. Select the scope of applicants for the approval process by tag, location, position, department, and people. Select [Save] after setting.

Step 4:

Click [Add New Approver] on the [Approver] information card, add approver one by one and [Save].

If the approver type is selected as [Direct manager], then the approver is the "Manager" in the staff information by default, and there is no need to specify another approver.

If the approver type is selected as [Designated approver], then the approver can be selected among the employees Employed or during Processing Termination.

#Approval sequence: Input "1" indicates the first sequence approver. If there are two approvers in the same approval sequence "1", only one of them needs to pass the approval and then the approval node will pass. Different approval sequences are displayed on different approval nodes.

After adding all the approvers, click [Finish] to end the custom approval process.

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