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How to Arrange Compensatory Leave after the Employee Worked on Statutory Holiday?
How to Arrange Compensatory Leave after the Employee Worked on Statutory Holiday?
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Employees in some industries, such as retail or catering, need to work on prescribed statutory holidays. According to labor laws, employees need to arrange compensatory leave at other times. How can this be implemented in the system?

You can use our leave module to make compensatory leave if an employee works on statutory holidays. The following steps are required:

  1. Create a new leave type of [Statutory Holiday] and add it to the leave policy;

  2. Employees work on statutory holidays and fill in the [Overtime Timesheet];

  3. Manually adding the leave balance of [Statutory Holidays] through the [Balance Adjustment] function;

  4. The employee submits the [Leave Application] form when making up leave.

step 1

In the [Leave Type], add the leave type of [statutory holiday] according to the following settings, paid leave, employees can apply for this leave, and the calculation formula is [One-time holiday].

Step 2

Add the holiday type in step 4 of the holiday rule setting, and enter 0 in "How many days are there in the quota".

Step 3

An employee submits an overtime timesheet on the mobile app. Taking Christmas as an example, select [Working Overtime on Statutory Holidays] for [Overtime Category].

Step 4

After the supervisor approve the application, the employee’s [Statutory Holiday Overtime] will be calculated.

The administrator can adjust the leave balance by pressing [New] on the [Statutory Holiday] leave balance interface according to the calculated time, and manually enter the amount of occurrence, and remark the reason .

If you set [Day] as the holiday unit of [Statutory Holiday] in the leave type setting, enter 1 for the balance; if the holiday unit is [Hour], enter the actual working hours for the balance.

The above steps can be implemented to add holiday allowances to employees.

Step 5

When the employee actually takes a leave, he submits a [Leave application] and selects the [Statutory Holiday] as the leave type. The reason can be used to indicate which day the [statutory holiday] is taken.

In this way, the HR/administrator can see the detailed information of the employee’s actual statutory holiday overtime and supplementary leave in the employee’s [Leave Balance]

Employees can also check the details of quota changes through the mobile app.

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