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How to Recalculate the Pay Run ?
How to Recalculate the Pay Run ?
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If you encounter the following situations before the salary is paid:

  • Employees with accrued salaries are added to the system after the salary calculation

  • Modified employee salary data

You need to recalculate the salary.

Note: Only the salary calculation record in the draft state can be recalculated. If the salary calculation record of the current period has been reviewed, you need to [Cancel the review] first


Find the salary calculation record you want to modify in the [Approved / Pending Payment] list of the pay run calculation and click [view]

Click the "Cancel Review" button on the salary calculation details page, and the "Cancel Review Reminder" page will pop up, click "Confirm"

Now the audited salary calculation record has become a draft state, press [Previous] to return to the pay run calculation page

Add employee

If there are employees who need to be paid are not displayed in the list, you can press [Add] to add the employee

Modify employee compensation data

If the data of a salary item does not match the actual situation, you can click [View] to enter the salary details page

By default, only salary items with data are displayed. If you want to display salary items without data, you need to check "Show all items" to display all salary items

Press the [Edit] button behind the salary item to modify the data

Note: If there is no [Edit] button after the salary item data, it means that it is calculated by formula or fetched from other modules:

  • If the basic salary error, modify [basic salary] in the employee file

  • If the number of vacation days is wrong, please modify the leave type and duration in the vacation module

  • If the attendance hours are wrong, modify the attendance hours in the attendance module

  • If the MPF project error, need to modify MPF settings

After completing the above operations, click [Recalculate] to recalculate the salary data.

After confirming that the salary data is calculated correctly, you can press [Next] to review and pay the salary.

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