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How to Manage Employers Start Paying MPF 60 days after Joining the Company?
How to Manage Employers Start Paying MPF 60 days after Joining the Company?
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Some companies have to make employer MPF contributions as soon as employees start employment, such as employers in the catering and construction industries, and some companies will pay the MPF of the first 60 days for their employees after 60 days of employment.

In Workstem, once an employee registers the MPF file, the system will calculate the MPF income and contribution amount from the registration month, and the contribution amount will also be displayed on the payslip.

For employers who start paying MPF after 60 days, it is more difficult to accept the unpaid contribution amount displayed on the payslip in advance.

Therefore, for such situations, in order to fulfill that the employer's contributions are not displayed in advance in the payslip and the data in the MPF payment statement is displayed correctly, please refer to the following solutions:

  1. Register the MPF file only after the actual contribution month (60 days later)

  2. Manually input the first 60 days of Employer’s contributions

  3. Add two new pay items which payment types are others, and set as payslip display items

  4. Add the employer's contribution amount in the [Variable Pay Items], and select the actual month and date of the employer's actual contribution on the [Start day]

Step 1

Register the MPF file 60 days after the employee has been employed, click [Benefits] > [MPF File], find the employee, double-click to open it, and click [Edit] under [Basic Information]

Enter the employee's contribution number, select the [MPF Scheme] that you are participating in, and click the [Auto-fill Dates] button to automatically get the employee's scheme start date, retirement date, and employee/employer contribution date. If it does not match the actual situation, you can modify it

The system will automatically calculate the MPF contribution details in the month when the MPF file is registered. The contribution records before registration will not be automatically calculated and need to be manually entered into the system.

Step 2

On the MPF file page, click the [Contribution Record] tab, select the contribution record of the first 60 days after the start of employment and click [Edit]. If there is no record of the required period in the contribution record, click [Add] to insert a new record

On the pop-up [New-Contribution Record] page, select the period and enter the amount of [Relevant Income], [Employee's Mandatory Contributions] and [Employer's Mandatory Contributions]

Through the above steps, the employee's complete contribution record can be entered into the system to ensure that the data is correct when downloading the MPF payment statement. If you also want to display the employer's contribution amount before registering the MPF file on the payslip, you can add a new pay item and display it on the payslip.

Step 3

Click [Add] in [Pay Items] and enter the basic info of the item. Since it is only used to display employer contributions and does not need to calculate in payroll, select [Others] for [Pay Type]

And drag the two new items on the [Payslip Display] page to the [Show Pay Items on Payslip] column on the right

Step 4

Enter the employer’s actual contribution amount manually in the [Variable Pay Items], and enter the actual contribution date in the [Date].

After completing the above steps, the Payslip of the actual contribution month will show the contribution record of the first 60 days after the start of employment.

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