Benefit Settings

Go to「Benefit」> Click「Settings」. In the page, a sample MPF scheme has already been set up by the system. You can click 「Edit」to modify the existing scheme or click 「+New」to add a new one.

「Benefit Settings」include two parts: Mandatory Contribution settings and Voluntary Contribution settings.

Mandatory Contribution Settings

Basic information

It is for generating MPF reports. This part can be modified at any time because it won't influence payroll and MPF calculation.

Fill in Name, Vendor Scheme Registration NO., Employer Name, Contact Person, Telephone No., Employer No., and Address accordingly. The above information are required to enter.

Contribution Settings

The system has preset the data according to the current Employment Ordinance, so you don't need to modify it.

Income Settings

Income refers to any wages, salaries, holiday allowances, fees, commissions, bonuses, contract gratuities, rewards or allowances paid or payable to employees by the employer in monetary form, but does not include severance payments or Long Service Payment under the Employment Ordinance.

  1. Income Additions: select income items that need to be included in MPF relevant income, like commissions, bonuses, etc. In this case, Total Earning is chosen.

  2. Income Deductions: add deduction items that do not need to be included in related MPF income one by one, like No Paid Leave Deduction, Sick Leave Deduction, etc.

After finishing thesettings, click「Save」. You can click「Next」if you have Voluntary Contribution to set up.

You can finish Benefit Settings by clicking 「Finish」after entering all needed information. Then it is time to register MPF scheme for employees.

Registering MPF Scheme for Employees

Enter the MPF File Page by clicking 「Benefit」> 「MPF File」. This page shows MPF File information of all employees.

Unregistered: shows the list of employees who is not assigned to an MPF scheme

MPF Exempt: shows the list of employees who are MPF exempt persons

You can double click or click 「view」on a specific employee to have a look at Contribution Details of this employee, then click「edit」. If the employee is MPF exempt person, you only need to turn on the button of 「MPF Exempt Persons」without any other settings.

If the employee is not MPF exempt person, then you need to enter Contribution ID (You don't need to enter the contribution ID if you use employee's ID number to enroll into the MPF scheme) and choose MPF scheme, then the Mandatory Contribution Ratio and/or Mandatory Contribution Ratio will be automatically filled in.

The system can calculate the below 4 dates according to the Join Date and Birthday recorded in Staff Information by clicking 「Auto-fill Dates」. You can modify the automatically-calculated date whenever necessary.

Scheme Start Date: the default join date on Staff Information

Retirement Date: the date when the employee becomes 65 years old calculated from the birthday on Staff Information

Employee Contribution Date: the employee starts to make contributions on the first day of following month after being hired for 30 days

Employer Contribution Date: the join date on Staff Information

Click「Save」after finishing the above settings, then Benefit Settings are done. The record of MPF contributions will be automatically calculated when doing payroll calculation.

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